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The Williams Family in 1944

Walter Charles Williams

  Marie Louise Williams

(1908 - 2004)        

          (1911 - 2002)

We will miss you folks!


Patriarch Walter Charles Williams passed away on July 2, 2004 at Mercy Hospital from a blood infection. He passed peacefully in his sleep. He was admitted to the hospital on the night of June 30th to get stronger antibiotics but quickly lost consciousness when the infection entered his bloodstream. He was in no pain at all. We all count him lucky to have had minimal illness throughout his entire life. The infection just continually made him more tired until he went into a coma-like condition. He was only two months shy of being 96 years old. Walter will be buried with Marie Louise, his wife of over 70 years who died in October of 2002, at Camellia Memorial Lawn in Rancho Cordova according to his wishes and in view of the Sierra Nevada mountains he loved. The family requests no flowers please. A memorial will be scheduled later at the graveside.

Walter had the privilege of witnessing most of a century pass and probably the most interesting century ever in human history. At 8 years old he watched soldiers go off to World War I. He was born in 1908 before autos, airplanes and radios were common. Yet he watched men land on the moon and even participated in the effort at Aerojet. He lived to see his family grow to about 33 people from coast to coast including grandchildren, great grandchildren and spouses. He became an orphan at a young age and was raised by his older sisters. He also was the last of his large family to pass on. And the last of his whole generation in the extended family. You can view photos of Walter and his poem to his sister Stella whom he cherished so much. Walter Williams and Marie Bollinger Williams lived into their 90s and lived in Rancho Cordova, CA. They were born in or near Evansville, IN and married there 70 years ago. They moved to California in 1946 and their large extended family spreads across the country but a large segment live near them in the Sacramento area.

Ancestors of Walter were mainly from Indiana, Kentucky and the Carolinas including revolutionary and civil war soldiers. Marie’s were primarily from Indiana, Chicago, Germany and Switzerland. Both were from large farm families who moved to Evansville in the early 1900s. Descendants include four living generations now from their three children. Walter and Marie are survived by ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. They and their spouses total 29. There are four living generations and one of the youngest generation is engaged to be married.

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