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Betty Lorraine Mulvane


Her life was an excellent example to everyone. There has been no better friend, relative or companion. In spite of nearly constant pain in recent years she always had a cheery smile and a kind word. A cross word was very rare and always appropriate.

Betty's most cherished goals and happiest recollections regarded helping family and friends and doing things with them. A special delight to her was always children....her children and those in her care. She patiently and with great love provided a daycare in her home where many small children grew to adolescence and after reaching adulthood have kept in touch with her. Her four great-grandchildren were the delight of her latter years and playing with them brought out a youthfulness and spryness her 75 years and her arthritis could not repress.

Betty loved special occasions very much. She could not control destiny of course yet she was born on New Year's Day, had her first child on Independence Day, and died on Easter weekend.

Christmas was her most special occasion and she loved hosting the family at her home. Her last Christmas there was just the way she liked it with cheery decorations and the squeals of delight from the children as they opened the presents Betty playfully called "prizes". For most of the family, Christmas will never be the same until we start our eternity of Christmases with her in heaven. We are sure by now that God has provided a special place for Betty to continue her Christmas traditions with her family and she is probably planning them already. We expect she will have the traditional Kahlua cake with a turkey and dressing dinner.

Betty achieved a long time goal a decade or so ago when she took her daughters and granddaughters on a wonderful Hawaiian vacation. It was typical of her to be thinking of her family and seeing that they had a good time.

Betty's Irish heritage is probably one of the big reasons for being so family oriented. She let you know where you stood and was always fair minded and strong.

While Betty was with us the skies were bluer, the birds cheerier, the roses fragrance sweeter. She left her part of the world much better for her being here.

On one of her last days she listened to a recording of her beloved great grandchildren wishing her well and singing to her. One of the songs is echoed in the hearts of each member of her family...."You are so beautiful to me , yes to me!"

After being told of Betty's passing, her two year old granddaughter cried herself to sleep. There are not many great grandmothers that could command that much love from one so young. Betty was certainly one.

We expect God's special place in heaven for Betty will become just as warm and loving as her home has been when she was here. The family will make it their first stop on arrival and it will again become one of our favorite places to gather the kids and enjoy their laughter and Betty's approving smile.


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