Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana

House on Monroe Street, Monrovia, California

Most of the rest of the new generation arrive. Beryl and Harold’s Craig, Robert and James. And Janet and Jerry’s Michael. Schooling and the Army take Harold and Beryl to Texas, Panama Canal Zone, England and Salt Lake City where the last of their boys are born. Janet and Jerry go to Saugus and then to Seattle as he works his way to making detective. Meanwhile he sharpens contractor skills by building their own home in Seattle.

By the mid 60s smog is harming the health of Howard’s children and they move to Lake Arrowhead in 1968. It is idyllic but divorce in 1970 brings new changes. Walter and Marie step in to help with caring for the 10, 11 ,11 and 12 year old children while Howard keeps the Aerojet job going. Howard meets Marilee and her two young daughters and marries him. She now has 6 children a la the “Brady Bunch” TV show. And within two months he is transferred to Aerojet in Rancho Cordova (15 miles east of Sacramento) where they currently live.

Harold and Beryl meanwhile are moving around the world and getting the medical degrees for radiology specialty. By the end of the 60s things have settled somewhat. First son Craig is born in 1969 in Salt Lake City where Harold is in residency.

Janet and Jerry get son Michael in 1965. Walter is retired and they have left Monrovia to live near relatives in Hemet and then Chula Vista in the San Diego area. Ruth, Neal and Earl have all bought trailer parks in the desert areas of southern California including Twenty Nine Palms and Hemet. Bob Bollinger and wife Bea moved to Seattle from Covina where Bob worked for Aerojet also. They put down roots in Bellevue that have lasted into the new millennium. Most of their children and grandchildren live in the area.

Late in this decade Walter loses his sister Grace leaving a large but grown family.


Williams photos from the 1960s


The twins, Steven and Kevin

Out on the front porch

Out in the back yard

Kevin feeding his Daddy

Dad and the kids

The folks and their siblings

The folks and Janet holding babies

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