Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana

Lori, Kevin, Steve, Glenn, Shelly and Debbie at Tuolemne house.

In 1971, Harold and Beryl’s first second son Robert is born. Howard and Marilee settle in to Rancho Cordova in 1970 and buy a home after leasing for a couple years. Marie’s mother Lulu dies in 1971. She was a matriarch of the family and tutor to grandchildren when needed.

Walter and Marie later decide they should settle near the children and Howard is the only one with long roots at that point so they move to Rancho Cordova east of Sacramento about 2 miles from Howard and Marilee’s family. But by then the family is smaller in that the four older children have moved to Idaho, and then Montana, to live with their mother Phyllis and her new husband.

Harold and Beryl move from Salt Lake City, when residency is over, to Corona where a private radiology practice is available with two other doctors. From that point on, Howard and Harold have put down roots into the new millennium. Third son James is born in 1975.

Janet and Jerry have followed the calling of the ministry to Angels Camp, California and to Seattle and Oregon and Anacortes, Washington. By the end of the decade they have settled in Rancho Cordova also. Walter loses sister Emma in 1971 and his beloved Stella “second mother to all the children” who never married and, like others in the family, devoted their lives unselfishly to helping others.

Now Howard’s older children are coming of age. Debbie marries her high school sweetheart Cliff, in 1975 on a picturesque wagon train wedding in the foothills of Montana, and starts the family that grows to three boys. Rhian is first in 1977. Marie’s sister Ruth loses her husband to cancer that year.


Williams photos of the 1970s


Ruth B., Lulu, Neal, Lillian, Ruth L., Walter, Marie and Frank Leinenbach

Walter and Marie in Hemet

Howard Williams family on the beach

Howard Williams family in a tree at Ansel Hoffman Park, Sacramento

Howard Williams family in Helena, Montana

Kevin, Steve, Debbie, Howard and Glenn at Silver Star ranch, Montana

Williams family with Sandy Tezak, Craig and Rob Williams in Disneyland

Williams and Ragsdale family

1975 Corona portrait


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