Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana

Walter, Debbie (holding Jordan), Howard, Rhian, Marie in Howard's back yard

The decade starts off with Steve Williams marrying his high school sweetheart Sandy Tezak in Montana and late has two boys Joshua and Mitchell. Mitchell sadly is lost at birth. Steve and Sandy’s roots soon shift from Bozeman (Steve and Kevin’s’ Alma Mater is MSU there) to a beautiful home in Billings where the roots grow deep. Debbie’s second child Jordan is born in 1980 at the start of this decade. In 1982 Marie’s brother Neal dies, the first in her family.

Glenn leaves Montana to get a degree in Virginia and later an advanced degree in Montana where he finds the love of his life Rebecca. Kevin joins the Army and is stationed in Korea and Chicago with computer communications duty. Then he gets Cal State Univ. computer degree work at Fullerton and finishes at Sacramento while living with Walter and Marie where he lives now to help them in there later years.

In 1984, Walter and the family lose Lulu Orth, Walter’s other family matriarch. Like Stella, she was a nurse at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville and strong support over the decades for the family. She took care of her husband who was paralyzed on the job by a head injury.

Meanwhile, Lori marries Brett Clover in San Bernardino whom she met while caring for her grandmother Betty Mulvane. And Michele (Shelly) marries Shawn Didway, a long time friend, in Rancho Cordova. Shelly has Jason in 1988.

Glenn and Rebecca settle in Portland where they have jobs and continue interests in acting and directing Shakespeare and other works. Their roots are deep there as well with good jobs and flourishing arts available. Debbie’s third son David is born in 1987 in Dillon, Montana.

Mike Ragsdale returns from the Army to Rancho Cordova and, aside from some time above Portland, has settled just outside Rancho Cordova also. He was followed by Estelle Ragsdale, Jerry’s mother, who moved after the death of her husband Hollis. This nuclear family lives less than a mile apart and less than 3 miles from Marie and Walter.


Williams photos of the 1980s


Walter and Marie during their 50th wedding anniversary party

Love birds, Walter and Marie, holding hands

Williams and Ragsdale's at Christmas

Debbie, Steve, Kevin and Glenn during 1989 reunion

Howard and the big kids

Folks 60th Anniversary at Jerry and Janet's

El Pavo portrait


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