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Yosemite trips

Howard and Glenn in Yosemite bliss
JC Penny pose
Before the majestic Yosemite Falls
Kevin and Glenn before Half Dome
Kevin and Glenn before the beautiful Yosemite Valley
Howard and Glenn at Glacier Point
Glenn and Howard at Camp Curry

To the Williams family, Yosemite is Nirvana, the 7th heaven, Vallhalla, all rolled into one.  About 1950, Walter and Marie first drove their old sedan to Yosemite via Angeles Crest highway, Route 395 and Independence, Calif., and the scary nose-bleed Tioga Pass.  One lane in spots with 2000 ft drop on the side.  It was a cooler drive and no steep hills.  Many camping trips followed with the three kids.  The kids later took the grandkids and now great grandkids.  Grandson Glenn has participated in formal planning of Yosemite and drafted a book on hikes in the valley.  The flood of '96 delayed publishing by changing many of the landmarks.  Yosemite continues to have a very special place in the hearts of the Williams family.

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