Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana

by Debbie Mantha

To tell you how our family’s been
We send to you this Valentin’.
Not too clever, or too pretty.
But it gets to the nitty gritty:

Cliff reloads bullets, plays with guns,
Sits most of the day, po’ tired buns.
Sometimes he fixes tractors too
When there is nuthin’ else to do.

Deb runs to town and then runs back.
No time to clean, dishes stack.
Dinner will be a little late.
Oh well, we’ll just pretend we ate.

Rhian earned his G.E.D.
(For he is bril – li –ant, you see)
Now he needs to find some work.
If he gets bored he’ll go berserk!

Dave and Jordan do their sums,
Recite till they get sore gums.
Night and day it’s two times two
Until their faces turn real blue!

Now you know just how we’re doin’.
I’ll stop now before I ruin
This here poem wrote for you.

Oh, by the way, we love ya too!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Copyright © 2001 Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana