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Strange Genealogy Facts

Holiday Births

Marilee Williams was born on the 4th of July.

Her daughter Lori was born on Mothers Day.

Marilee’s mother Betty was born on New Years Day. She had baby (Marilee) on the 4th of July. Betty died Easter Week.

Jim McPheron and Shanon Mantha was born on Christmas Eve.

Davie Mantha was born on Valentine's day.

Jason Didway was born on Election day.

Bob Bollinger was born on Flag day.

Orin Cart was born on Christmas Day.

Doris LaVerne William’s birthday is always very near Good Friday.

Michael Bullock’s birthday is very near Memorial Day each year.

Mike Ragsdale and Bill Dartt have birthdays on Labor day this year.

Walter’s sister (dec’d) Eva Dartt’s birthday is on Thanksgiving in 2001 and so is Marilee’s father Raymond Mulvane (dec’d).

Donald Diamond’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve’s Eve every year.

David Yeaworth’s birthday is on Easter this year.

Sugar Scofield was born on the same day as her mother Alice.

Common Names

A review of the 400 family names shows there is very little commonality in use of the names that are very common in the population. There are only 1% Mary and William. And far less Robert and David. Very interesting.

Marie is a name that shows up on both sides of the family as first or middle name.

Michael shows up often.

William is common in the Williams line.

There is a Lillian on both sides of Walter and Marie’s family.

Walter’s mother name Amelia is the same as the middle name of his sister in law Lillian.

Howard and Harold each have a grandson Joshua M. Williams. The middle names are different but start with M. They are the only Joshua’s we know of in the family line going back several centuries. They are the only one’s, so far, in their generation of Walter’s descendants to carry on the Williams name. They might be the only ones so far in Andrew Williams tree unless Loran Williams has son(s).

Common Birthdays and Anniversaries

Note: Out of 400 names there should only be two people with the same birthday.

Janet Ragsdale has same birthday as Shirley’s son Bruce.

Steve’s Joshua has the same birthday as Brett Bollinger and his relative Desiree Lakin.

Lillian Sisk had the same birthday as Floyd Bullock.

Cliff Mantha has the same birthday as Debbie’s great grandmother (Walter’s mother) Amelia.

Walter’s grandmother Feriba has the same birthday as Larry Orth.

Grace Diamond’s birthday is the same as Dorothy May Felty.

Sugar Edmisten was born on her mother Alice’s birthday which is also on Winna and John Martin’s (Revolutionary War) wedding anniversary.

Robert and Walter have the same birthday and so does Steven and Kevin (just checking to see if you were awake).

Darla Diamond and Rebecca Bullock have the same birthday.

Debbie and Cliff Manta’s anniversary is on Ruth Lienenbach’s birthday.

Janet and Jerry Ragsdale were married on Glenn Williams’ first birthday.

Walters birthday is really crowded. He shares it with brother Bob (of course), Clifford Shelton who would have been 100 in 2001. And also Ruth Rines, Marilee’s relative now deceased, Thomas Moore, Lillian Bollinger (would have been 90 this year), and brother in law Bill Diamond (who would have been 100 this year).

Steve and Sandy’s anniversary day is the same as Walter’s sister in law Alice Williams (dec’d) birthday.

Howard’s grandson Jason Didway’s birthday is the same as Cindy Reese.

Just Strange, Interesting or Noteworthy

Marilee’s grandmother was married on the 12th minute of the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of the 20th century.

Walter and Marie have their 70th wedding anniversary in 2001 - so do Lillian and Neal Bollinger (both deceased). And Lillian and Neal’s anniversary is on the same day as James Sinnett’s birthday.

Walter’s grandmother Feriba had their 135th wedding anniversary in 2001 and Walter’s mom and dad will have their 110th wedding anniversary in 2001.

Howard and Marilee’s Anniversary is one day after Andrew and Amelia Williams (both deceased) and one day before Halloween.

Clyde "Burns" married his first cousin Lula Barth Bollinger in their later years and did not have children.

Walter’s sister Eva’s birthday is the same as Marilee’s fathers—and this year it’s on Thanksgiving.

Walter’s sister Mayme’s birthday is the same as nephew Loran Williams and Marie’s grandfather Jacob Barth who was born in Germany and had 10 children (near Boonville).

Donna Diamond and Richard Bullock have the same birthday.

Susan Bollinger has the same birthday as Floyd Bullock.

Stephanie and William Bollinger have their anniversary on Otis Sisk’s birthday (dec’d).

Howard’s oldest grandson Rhian Mantha has the same birthday as Bob Bollinger’s granddaughter Angela Lakin.

Note: There are only 400 names in our database. There are 365 days a year. There should be only 2 or 3 people overlapping on birthdays and 4 or 5 on anniversaries. Does anyone have an explanation? (Kevin’s answer: Astrology and karma)

Noteworthy Year of 2001

The first real year of the new millennium.

Anniversaries with a zero are common: Walter and Marie Williams (70), Janet and Jerry Ragsdale (40), Andrew and Amelia Williams (110), Neal and Lillian Bollinger (70),

Brady Bunch or His, Mine and Ours

Howard and Marilee Williams have six total.

Jack and Bobbie Jo Bullock have eight total.

Pamela (Bollinger) and Albert Lakin have five total.


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