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A Large Woman with a Round Face

and Ready Smile

by Walter Williams, A Memorial to his sister Stella  

When Mom and Dad passed away and left their beloved brood,
We young ones were in deep trouble, this we all understood.

But sisters rallied round us. The orphanage? It will not be!
We will work in cigar factories, Stella will the mother be.

So God in His kindness did strength and health supply.
We stayed a happy family with Jesus ever nigh.

Now I am getting older and memories come to mind
Of scenes of my childhood and sisters oh so kind.

I remember as a young lad playing marbles on my knee.
My breeches soon had a large hole so plain for all to see.

For some boys this would have been a big catastrophe.
But for me it was no worry for my sisters cared for me.

Stella patched and patched. The hole did not seem bad.
She had a love in her heart few mothers ever had.

So off to school I would go, as happy as could be,
In my pants of many colors sister Stella patched for me.

And when before my Lord I stand, unashamed I would be,
In my clothes of many colors sister Stella patched for me.

For Jesus had been a poor lad too and would smile approvingly,
and say His Father had been very wise to send Stella to care for me.

In various ways during Stella's days, God had softly spoken.
Arise my soul, dry those tears, the circle shall not be broken.

We will see you Stella.

"After Mom and Dad died, Stella who was 25 years old and the 2 other sisters, who were still in their teens, were given the responsibility of raising 6 younger children ranging in age from 4 to 15. As each one of us became old enough to work, we also took on the responsibility and one of the older ones could get married. All my family is very special to me. I was 9 years old when Dad died. Stella never married."

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