Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana

by Kevin Williams

Once we shined as stars in the sky.
Through the cathedral universe we would fly.
From the light we came so long ago
To find ourselves, to learn and grow.
We are as pilgrims who travel the night.
We are as shadows in search of light.
The light is love. Eternal are we.
We are as raindrops returning to sea.
But light can't be seen if we quench it's spark.
Pride can prevent us from leaving the dark.
The light shines into the gates of hell.
The light of the world will always prevail.
But we can't be free until self is bound.
Take your pride to the cross where love can be found.
The light of love will show us the way.
The light grows stronger when we're farther away.
We are the angels who search for light.
We have fallen from a very great height.
We are the children lost in a garden.
We are the prodigals longing for pardon.
We are strangers in a world of our own.
When love is found we will forever be home

 Copyright 2001 Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana