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Dreaming the Sacred Dry

(Hetch Hetchy Valley, Yosemite)

by Glenn Scofield Williams, 2004

Deep drowned dream place,
can't recall the glad glade shade
the dull dappled oak days
watching Wapama
pound rock walls with water fists.
Lay on stone, feel the groan
of water weighing heavy on.

hunkered on the bench above
dance the dream dance
in secret, at night
dreaming the sacred dry

The century turns, the sky falls
granite sags beneath the load
tree trunks tower tall tumble
sedges eye high sigh
meadow mosquito and monkey flower
meadowlarks mulling
flat grassy valley, fiat of glacial time

lost, lost
sold to the highest bidder

with bears and bobtails
dance the dream dance
on glowing granite domes
dreaming the sacred dry

The seeds that name you
sunk beneath the water's bulk.
The people that name you
dislocated or hushed by homicide.
Lost, lost.
Damn them, damn them
damn the damn dam schemes
the promotion of motors
the destruction of trees.

over silent moon-fed water
dance the dream dance
dreaming the sacred dry
Hetch Hetchy, heart home, wild again.

Copyright 2004 by Glenn Scofield Williams
All rights reserved.

 Copyright 2001 Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana