Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana

Howard and Mom Marie

The decade started badly with the loss of Walter’s sister Eva Dartt. Her son Billy and daughter Dorothy had kept in touch with the California family over the years and Howard went to Eva’s house in 1984 for a visit. But life goes on and other good things happen.

This is the decade for major changes in Harold and Beryl’s boys lives, including advanced degrees. The older two obtain doctorates in science at father’s alma mater and find wives in the process. Craig finds Cara while both are getting pharmacy doctorates at University of California San Francisco and Robert finds Amy while both are getting their Chemistry doctorates. James, the youngest, gets a Stanford Masters degree in Engineering as the millennium changes.

Harold retires from medical practice and Howard from Aerojet in mid decade. Howard continues to work at home part time while helping Marilee take care of grandchildren during the week. In 1994, Walter’s sister Mayme passes away. She had never married and devoted her life to Christian service. Howard and his son Glenn had visited her separately in Evansville a decade before her passing. This loss was followed in 1995 by the loss of Walter’s youngest brother Bill and his wife Alice. Harold and Beryl had visited them not long before their passing. Also in 1995, Howard’s wife Marilee loses her mother Betty. She had been an anchor in Howard and Marilee’s family and the loss was so unexpected. She had traveled with them to Hawaii, Tahoe and Yosemite which left fond memories.

In 1998 Walter’s twin brother Bob dies in Evansville after long hospitalization and the long and devoted care of his wife Mary. Also late in the decade, Marie’s surviving brother Earl passes away and her brother Neal’s wife Lillian as well.

Howard and Marilee’s daughters, Shelly and Lori, add to their families. Lori with Brett II in 1990 and Aaron in 1992. Shelly also gives birth in 1992 to Jessica (Howard and Marilee’s first granddaughter out of 8 grandchildren).


Williams photos of the 1990s


Ages in factors of 10

Walter and Marie on Oakton Way

Amy, Rob, Beryl, Jim, Marie, Walter and Howard

Walter holding young Joshua Mark

1999 Reunion at the Manthas

Brothers in arms