Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana

Marie and Walter still in love

Now it’s time for Craig and Cara to start their family. They give Harold and Beryl a first grandchild (Joshua) in the year 2000, and the first Williams to be born in Indiana in half a century (Janet in 1943). Marie’s brother Earl’s wife passed on in 2001 after a long and good life. She left some relatives and a good job in a low office in Evansville to allow Earl to follow his family west.

The rest of the family is stable in size of family and moving at least for now as we look to the future. Howard’s grandson Jordan Mantha married his college sweetheart Shanon in August 2001 in Montana. Walter and Marie celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in November 2001. James married Carolyn in 2002 at Livermore California. Marie passed away in October of 2002 and Walter in July 2004 at ages of 91 and almost 96 respectively. Bob Bollinger passes away unexpectedly in Seattle and Ruth Leinenbach in Hemet.

Meanwhile, Craig and Cara had their second child Kate in 2003 and Robb and Amy their first, Patrick, in 2004. Howard and Marilee’s grandson Rhian and his wife Jennie are expecting their first in March 2005. In Evansville, Uncle Bob’s wife Mary is still very healthy and active. She is the last of the whole generation of Williamses that lived through most of the 20th century. Mary’s son Loren lives in Louisville. Her daughter Doris (aka LaVerne) married a man with the same names as her father (Robert Williams) and lives with her family in Terra Haute, not far from Mary.


Williams photos of the 2000s


Howard and grandkids in Tahoe

Stew Grandma (Marie) in her chair

Grandpa's 90 birthday

Howard with grandkids on the paddlewheel

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